Refund Policy

This policy outlines the terms and procedures for requesting refunds on Hubtel’s services.

Hubtel retains the right to discontinue this Refund Policy for any customer whom Hubtel determines, in its sole discretion, has misrepresented the reason for demanding a refund.

Refunds will be offered if:

The customer’s account is debited twice for the same transaction.

There is a payment processing error.

Hubtel is unable to provide the service requested.

The customer issues multiple payment instructions for the same transaction or pays twice for the same transaction.

Payment dispute is investigated and closed.

Where required by law, refunds associated with certain transactions may be eligible for different considerations.

Hubtel will not be liable for any damages whatsoever resulting from a wrong transaction.

Right to Refund

Customers Merchants can initiate a request for refunds for wrong or unfulfilled service payments by:

Calling 0307008000 / 0307000576

sending an email to [email protected]

In writing via social media:

Whatsapp: 0550610238

Twitter: @Hubtel

Instagram: Hubtel

Facebook: Hubtel

Hubtel App chats

In writing, via post – P.O. Box CT 2156 Cantonments, Accra-Ghana

When requesting a refund, customers/merchants should be willing to share details of the payments to assist in refund review and approval.

All refund requests will be dealt with high priority, and once reviewed and approved will be returned back to the original source of payment ( eg. Mobile money wallet, or bank card or your Hubtel wallet where applicable)

Additional Rights

Hubtel’s refund policy does not infringe on your rights to contest the decisions of your refund request by Hubtel through your payment Network refund/chargeback process.

Hubtel is fully compliant with each of the payment Network policies. It should be noted, however, that by using Hubtel you are subject to the terms and conditions of our service.