Anti-fraud Policy

This policy sets out the principles adopted by Hubtel against fraud and other forms of dishonesty. It applies to Directors, staff and customers/merchants of Hubtel. Anybody associated with Hubtel who commits fraud, theft or any other dishonesty, or who becomes aware of it and does not report it, will be subject to appropriate disciplinary and legal actions where necessary.

Statement of intent

Hubtel will continually strive to ensure that all its financial and payment processes are carried out and reported honestly, accurately, transparently and accountably and that all decisions are taken objectively and free of personal interest and abuse. We will not condone any behaviour that falls short of these principles.

All employees and management of Hubtel have a responsibility for putting these principles into practice and for reporting any breaches they discover.


Fraud: A deliberate intent to acquire money or goods dishonestly through the falsification of records or documents. The deliberate changing of financial statements or other records by either; a member of the public, someone who works or is a volunteer for Hubtel. The criminal act is the attempt to deceive and attempted fraud is therefore treated as seriously as accomplished fraud

Theft: Dishonestly acquiring, stealing of payment details/funds (of customers) or disposing of physical or intellectual property belonging to Hubtel or to individual members of the business.

Misuse of Payment account (Wallet): Deliberately misusing Payment account (Wallet) belonging to Hubtel or its customers for financial benefit.


Hubtel fosters honesty and integrity in its entire staff. Directors, staff and management are expected to lead by example in adhering to anti – Fraud policies, procedures and practices. Equally, members of the public, service users and external organizations (such as suppliers and contractors) are expected to act with integrity and without intent to commit fraud against Hubtel and the state.

As part of this, Hubtel will provide clear routes by which concerns may be raised by Directors, staff and volunteers. Details of this can be found in Hubtel’s Anti-Money laundering policy.