Monetize Your Premium Mobile Content

Hubtel Airtime and Mobile Money Billing Gateway connects you to earn payout on your digital mobile entertainment content

Content that goes beyond just words

Get your content across to your customers via SMS or WEB and get paid.

Provide on-demand service

Use Premium billing API to manage subscriptions, unsubscriptions, billing and content delivery.

Connect through conversations

Users can subscribe to receive your premium content via SMS or Web.

Airtime Billing API


To subscribe users onto a premium content service via SMS, you require a keyword and a short code. A user subscribes to your service by sending your service assigned keyword (e.g. JOIN) to your assigned short code (e.g. 1944).


Make it easy for your subscribers to opt-out of your messaging campaign by texting STOP to your provisioned short code.

Content Delivery and Billing

Your subscribers’ airtime credit is deducted when content is delivered successfully. Billing is usually handled by the Network Operator. A delivery response of “Delivered” indicates successful billing.

Mobile Money Subscription Payment API

Subscription Setup

Using a secure setup process, easily signup users to be billed automatically from their mobile money wallets. All your subscribers need to do, is to provide the wallet details and confirm the details through a secured verification step on a web portal or an app.

Cancelling subscription

The API provides a quick and simple way to cancel subscription which have been setup by a customer. This is either through the API directly or by the Customer dialing a USSD code (*713*51#) to cancel.

Content Delivery

Send content of your bespoke premium service to subscribers once billing is done.